Hi and welcome to our website ‘The Travel’, we are Pratik and Mitali, a young married couple from India, having newly embarked on our life journey together with one major shared dream to travel the world. Sharing a common dream of travel got us thinking and we were motivated enough to finally set the foundation of our own website.

Having traveled previously with friends or family, together we dream to traverse through our diverse bucket list of travel destinations and experiences. Travel is a drug for us and it is the cure too, something we both yearn and crave all the time. Hence, THE TRAVEL DRUG.

Through our website, we aim to help fellow travelers, Indian as well as others, to get out and get those bucket lists moving. This blog will be a place to share our travel narratives and escapades with the world. Apart from our travel stories, we will be providing our readers with travel reviews, food, and accommodation and shopping posts along with travel tips. We also aim to help you plan your travels in the near future.

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