Imagine visiting a place where you can have thrilling wildlife safaris, yet experience city life and all of that combined with breathtaking natural landmarks to the likes of lakes, mountains and beaches too. Yes, all that is power packed in Kenya in Africa.

We had traveled to Kenya in October of 2019, and it still is our memorable first international trip. We are finally here without Kenya series and this one is just a small trailer to the series.

This blog is our Kenya photo journal, and we are presenting you some of our favorite pictures from this trip. These will definitely make you all want to travel to Kenya.

Flying over stunning landscapes of Kenya. From our flight to Mombasa.

We took a short flight in Kenya from Nairobi to Mombasa, to visit the more relaxed beaches of Kenya. This was the view that took our breath away. Look at those pristine stunning landscapes.

Cutest baby elephants in the Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi.

We enjoyed visiting the infamous elephant orphanage and giraffe center in Nairobi city. More on this both places in upcoming blogposts.

Feeding Giraffes at Giraffe Park in Nairobi.
Enroute Masai Mara National Reserve from Nairobi City.
Stayed in this Jungle Camp in Masai Mara National Reserve.

The most memorable unforgettable experience will always be the amazing safari we had in the Masai Mara National Reserve. There will be a whole blogpost dedicated to Masai Mara National Reserve safari and why you all must definitely visit this place once in your life.

Safari in Masai Mara National Reserve.
Safari in Masai Mara National Reserve.
Stunning landsacpes of Masai Mara National Reserve.
Driving through an almost empty Hell’s Gate National Park.
Beautiful street walking towards Diani Beach in Mombasa.

So, that was our short photo blog of some of our memorable locations we visited in Kenya trip. Stay tuned for the upcoming Kenya travel blogposts.

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