What do you do when you have a situation at hand where you can’t return home and must take a quick detour in the final leg of your journey? One such situation was standing in front of me and my friends when we were retuning home from a trip recently. Quite literally we had to make a hasty decision while in the train whether to continue the journey or get down in the middle.

Thankfully we had a friend who belonged to Nasik and who very warmly opened her home to us girls at the last minute. Read on to find out how one hasty decision led us to have an amazing day in Nasik.

The background story… 

This was in the beginning of this year when me and my friends were returning from Nagpur to Mumbai. While in the train we were alerted about some riots beginning to rise in Mumbai and which would’ve gained momentum by the time we reached the city. Loads of discussions, suggestions and phone calls later and at the exact moment the train reached Nasik some of us girls decided to get down and stay back for a day till matters cooled down back home.

Since it was almost noon by the time we reached our friend’s place, we stayed in, rested and enjoyed a movie in the evening. The next day our friend had planned all the places she wanted us to visit in Nasik. Read on to find out what all we experienced in our limited time of one day in Nasik

Things to do in Nasik in One Day

1. Nasik’s Misal – Pav

The first thing we did was have the must-have Nasik’s Misal Pav! Yes, if you are in Nasik you must try their local misal, its quite well known for it. We visited this place called Sadhana Misal and enjoyed a hearty brunch. We literally ate till we couldn’t anymore! The restaurant itself was quite picturesque and well done with traditional Wada style interior and décor.

This restaurant had a very Indian vibe to it.
The best misal-pav I’ve ever had for sure.

2. Someshwar Mahadev Temple

Our view while boating.

Then we headed towards our next destination which was the Someshwar Mahadev Temple which is located along the banks of the river Godavari. This temple is known to be one of the oldest and most prominent Temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

The temple complex is a very serene place with lots of trees and the riverbank on one side. There are boating facilities offered here which we enjoyed and tried some locally grown guavas which again Nasik is very famous for.

3. Kalaram Mandir

Our next destination was the Kalaram Mandir, which is a gorgeous temple complex. The Kalaram Temple is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Rama in the Panchavati area of Nasik city. Spread in a sprawling campus the most amazing feature of this temple is that it is totally black and really a site to experience.

The vast yet simple nature of this place will make you want to sit and spend some time in the temple complex. The market that sits just outside the temple complex houses an interesting mix of items that can be explored.

Look at those intricate details.

4. Godavari River Ghat

Godavari Ghat when it’s not brimming with people. A rare sight indeed.

Next after altering our schedule a bit, we then visited the infamous Godavari Ghat also known as the Goda Ghat. This is one of the ghat’s which hosts the world renowned Kumbh Mela.

It was such an experience to get to the water level and feel the majestic river Godavari flowing around you. We spent some time there absorbing the surroundings and observing the various activities that were taking place.

In love with this! Look at the glittering water.

Later, we visited some local markets to taste some local desserts, some of us bought some Nasik special items and then we were back on the road to head back home in a few hours by afternoon.

It was really a fun short trip which was totally impulsive and unplanned yet gave us so many experiences. I definitely wish to visit Nasik again to explore the city more in-depth and with more time on my hand.

*A special thanks and mention to my friend Pradnya and her family for lovingly opening their beautiful home for us and their warm treatment.

Have you visited or experienced Nasik? Do you have any such impromptu travel stories? Would love to hear about your experiences. Let  me know in the comments below.

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  1. Wow….Nasik is really a great place as you have shown in your story. Really an impressive article. I just wanted to ask you that, as there is a pandemic situation now, is it possible to visit Nasik on coming Christmas? I must tell you that, you are an excellent photographer as well. You photographs made your article even more eye-catching. Thanks. Keep posting such a great work.

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating it. I am really glad to know you enjoyed it and are inspired to travel there. India is currently opening up travel, and Nasik also might have opened it up to some limited extent. Since I am not based in Nasik, I would suggest you to first check the details and current situation there before planning a trip.
      Otherwise December is a great time to visit Nasik as it will be having a cold and pleasant weather.

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