“Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation.”

When travel is the only thing that keeps you sane and cheerful amidst the mundane daily routine, life takes a whole 360 turn when you had to stay quarantined at home instead.

After almost seven months of working and staying at home without any kind of travel. Since both of us are travel- lovers and we were really dying to start traveling we decided to try our hands at a staycation.

I was absolutely clueless that Pratik had planned a sweet surprise by booking our weekend at The Resort Madh- Marve in Mumbai.

In this blog, we’ll share our experience at The Resort Madh- Marve and why a staycation like this is a good and safe way to start travelling while also being cautious during this corona virus pandemic.

The lobby of the resort has some very cozy spots to hang around when in large groups.
The stunning reception lobby.
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What is a staycation?

The term staycation, is said to be a newly coined expression deriving from the contraction of the words “stay” and “vacation”.

The definition by Cambridge University says staycation means it is a vacation that you take at home or near your home rather than travelling to another place.

A staycation is indeed an ecological way of spending your vacation close to home. This has also largely been altered to staying in cozy hotels or resorts during this corona- virus pandemic situation.

About ‘The Resort Madh- Marve’

A beautiful 5-star property, ‘The Resort Madh- Marve’ is located on the shoreline of Arabian Sea and overlooks the Aksa Beach.

It is an ideal option for a day outing or even a weekend relaxing stay for all types of tourists including families, couples and individuals.

The beautiful resort building at night with the glimmering swimming pool.
In love with the lobby.
The plush restaurant of The Resort, Mumbai.
The buffet area has wide array of options for display.

How to reach ‘The Resort Madh- Marve’

‘The Resort Madh – Marve’ is located at Aksa Beach in Malad. It is at a distance of 6 Km from the Madh Fort and is around 38 Km from Essel World amusement park.

You can easily reach the destination by road. Nearest station is Malad and takes 40 minutes ride.

The nearest airport is the Chhratrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

Our staycation experience at ‘The Resort Madh- Marve’

We had booked to spend a Saturday night at The Resort, and reached around the check-in time. Our temperatures were checked at the security entrance; also, our hands and bags were sanitized before we entered the resort.  

Being a sea-facing property, the resort building offers scenic and uninterrupted beautiful views of the ocean. Our room was right in the middle hence offers the best of views.

Following are some activities we enjoyed on our staycation at ‘The Resort Madh- Marve’ in this coronavirus pandemic.

I was happily twirling looking at that gorgeous view.
The stepped hotel building, during our night stroll.

Relax in your cozy room at The Resort

Upon entering the room, and walking through the vestibule which has a ledge to keep your luggage or bags. The washroom was decently large and well-lit with a huge mirror and sink to freshen up.

The gigantic yet soft king- size bed was nicely made and the two tall lamps on the nightstands added to warmth of the room. Besides the bed, there is a small two-seater sofa which is a perfect place to have your morning coffee or just laze around on. On the wall across the bed is the TV unit cum coffee- tea corner.

Moving on to the balcony that comes with every room, with comfortable outdoor seating. The hotel pool is also right in front; hence you get the full view of the pool from your balcony.

The pool at night, from our room’s balcony.

Watch the sun setting over the sea waves

The balcony is the perfect place to have your evening beverage while enjoying the sun setting over the crashing waves. One can also choose to go down over to the beach or sit in the lounge chairs at the promenade while watching the sunset.

Best coffee with that sunset pouring in our room.

Walk around the resort premises

The resort complex offers quite a fun atmosphere for even just a staycation. You can walk around the lawns, the pool and also sit by the promenade enjoying the sea views.

The pool was of course kept inaccessible to public as a safety precaution due to the corona-virus pandemic. Generally, the visitors can also walk down to the beach, but they tend to keep that access closed-off these days.

You can also do a mini- photoshoot as there are some really nicely setup spots in the resort complex.

After a hearty lunch we took some much-needed rest. Later in the evening we took a stroll around the resort property and then took a small drive around the area. Strolling around in the lush lawns and beautifully landscaped property of the resort, with the sounds of crashing sea waves was one moment we’ll cherish.

Post that, we went out for a short drive exploring the local streets around the Madh – Marve area. Driving around in our own car was much safer than taking any public transport.

The lush greens and that sea view across the pool.
Beautiful entry to The Resort.

Enjoy a hearty meal in their in-house Restaurant

The Resort has a beautifully designed sea-facing restaurant and dining area. The space is welcoming and offers seating for all types of visitors be it in groups or couples. We chose to take a two-seater table right next to the large French windows so as to enjoy the pool and sea view.

There are multiple breakfast options, and you can choose to take a complete breakfast meal or try the individual dishes from the south- Indian menu, or sandwiches and much more. We had complimentary breakfast included in our stay and chose the meal which comes in a tray with compartments We also appreciated the variety of fresh fruit and juices that were available.

Our huge breakfast platter the next morning. 😀
Had this yum club sandwich for late lunch.
Sea-front restaurant of The Resort.
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That was all about our first luxury staycation experience at The Resort Madh- Marve during the corona- virus pandemic. We would highly recommend doing a staycation if you wish to travel but also stay safe and avoid public interaction in these difficult times.

Do share your experiences if you’ve started travel in the pandemic and whether you’ve opted to wait till later for any kind of travel.

If you loved this blogpost, do share your valuable inputs in the comment section below. Don’t forget to checkout our other blogposts and travel guides.

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