Hi, we are Pratik and Mitali, a young married couple from India, having newly embarked on our life journey together with one major shared dream to travel the world.

Here, we share everything from in-depth travel guides, travel tips to amazing architecture that we’ve encountered on our travels along with sustainable travel ideas. We aim to even help you plan your travels in the future.

Settled in the ‘city of dreams’, but never really settling down on a place because both of our heart’s are full of travel dreams. Coming from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, bound my love and wanderlust we are here to help you make your travel easier and organized.

Having had past blogging experience, it was something that has never left my mind and heart. I was aiming to start my own website this year, planning and working for the same and with the right help and push from Pratik, we both got ready to finally start this new journey together and set the foundation for our website.