So, in one of my recent posts which were a weekend travel guide to Shegaon, I had promised I will be doing a separate post about Anandsagar.

In this post, I will tell you the activities available in Anandsagar and why it’s something you shouldn’t miss if you are in Shegaon. Also, it’s a great case-study for architects, urban designers, and planners as its a great example of well-planned public space.

About Anandsagar

Anandsagar is a landscaped property spread over 325 acres with lawns, temples, meditation halls, amusement park, lake, mini-railway and with lots of trees, it just keeps getting better. But, that’s not it. There’s a reason why Anandsagar was proposed in the first place. The whole project with a huge lake was proposed to solve the issue of scarcity of water in Shegaon and its surrounding areas.

The beautiful lake from top.
A grand welcoming entrance.
The entrance plaza, known as ‘Galaxy of Saints’.

Things to do in Anandsagar

Here is a list of things one gets to experience at Anandsagar:

  • A galaxy of saints in which you get to see the very first thing after you enter from the grand entrance.
  • A huge area for play and amusement parks.
  • A mini-train which gives you a tour of the place.
  • Many small temples and meditation centers.
  • A huge lake i.e. the main attraction with beautiful landscaping and bridges over it. The walk on the bridge to the main meditation hall is a long one, but fret not they have already thought about it and even the bridge has covered resting areas where people can stop and rest.
  • A beautiful aquarium
  • A huge amphitheater where the water fountain musical show is a must.
Beautifully designed landscaped areas.
Play, amusement and resting areas.
Counters offering beverages and all snacks. Well-designed seating areas for public.

For every place to function successfully, the provision of basic facilities plays an equally important role. These amenities are very well taken care of in Anandsagar:

  • Ramps wherever needed and providing wheelchairs for old and needy and prams for babies.
  • Adequate parking area, local bus transport free service
  • All necessary drinking, washroom facilities at every few intervals,
  • Ample of places for breakfast, snacks, and lunch or dinner.
  • Resting areas and pavilions.
One of the meditation centers with the natural backdrop of a sunset.
The peacock bridge, one of the many interesting bridges.
Beautiful marble temple.

Do note that the next time you are here, there might be some new additions! As if all these things are not enough, they keep adding to it making us love it more.

I will go ahead and say this that everybody from an architect to a planner, anybody holding the power of creating/ planning/ designing public infrastructure, should experience this marvel so that we can learn how to design and create better public friendly places in our country.

A day in Anandsagar really makes you cherish the simplicity of it along with making one realize that a beautifully functioning public space can be created with so much ease.

The longest and greenest bridge over the huge lake.
The main meditation center which is reached by taking the long bridge. 
The view down from the top! All worth it.

To know more details about Anandsagar go here.

Have you been to Anandsagar, and if yes do share your experiences? Liked this post? I would love to hear from you.

Until next time!

[Please Note: This post was previously posted on Mitali’s old Blog “The Eclectic Encounters”. We are re-posting this updated version on our main website again.]

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