Hi there, after a long hiatus, we are back and active here on our blog. Although there weren’t many posts here on our website, we were quite actively posting on Instagram and there have been some trips too. Hence, there have been lots of blog content that is now piled up, and I am going to make it a habit now to post a blogpost on schedule and be active here.

Starting with this blogpost, we have been doing a fun restaurant series in reels on our Instagram page. We want to share these amazing restaurant suggestions for our readers here. Located mostly in and around Mumbai, some of these places we explored on out trips. This post will include photos as well as the videos, so definitely checkout them all.

1. Cricket themed restaurant in Pondicherry

A cricket themed restaurant, that we happened to find on google maps on a tiring hot day in Pondicherry!

Sauce n’ Toss Restaurant in Pondicherry is a total delight especially for Cricket lovers. Being a cricket fanatic, Pratik was the happiest being here. The place is quite easily accessible from all major landmarks in White Town, has a beautiful décor and peaceful vibe. The interiors and little quirky pieces related to the sport are a fun addition.

We ordered some cool mocktails to beat the October heat, and ate finger- licking good Lasagne, and a round of fries with grilled chicken. One hiccup that we faced here was out order came is really late, like more than 1 to 1.5 hour late, while we could see many tables were served which were filled after our arrival.

Watch our reel here.

2. Perfect place for a hearty South- Indian meal in Mumbai

Banana Leaf is a restaurant chain offering authentic south- Indian cuisine. We visited the branch in Borivali for a brunch post our morning shopping session in D- Mart.

We ordered a bit of everything, and really loved the food as well as hospitality of the place. The décor is stunning, my most favorite part was the wall panel of a carved temple.

Watch our reel here.

3. Must try the Lucknowee Tundey Kebab in Mumbai

This place is literally named after their most famous dish i.e., of course the Lucknowee Tundey Kebab. Personally, I am not a kebab fan, but the two times I’ve been here, I am ready to make an exception and say I these particular kebabs. Thanks to Pratik, who loves them and enjoys taking people to this place especially for these tundey kebabs.

We’ve also tried their chicken biryani, which was delicious too. The Lucknowee Tundey Kebabs are quite soft, juicy and literally melt in your mouth. These are must have.

There’s also an interesting story behind the name of these. You can go ahead and read it here.

Watch our reel here.

4. Perfect for the Pav-bhaji lovers in Mumbai

This is a 50+ years old Restaurant in Tardeo, Mumbai and infamous for its lip- smacking pav-bhaji.

It was started by Sardar Ahmed, who introduced pav bhaji to the city, around more than 53 years ago. As stories have it, this man used to stand outside mills and sell vegetables. He observed tired workers around him and decided to whip up something quickly with the vegetables he had with him.

Watch our reel here.

5. A place dedicated to Misal Lovers in Mumbai

Mumbai’s favourite misal pav, but with a twist of flavours and served in 40+ different styles. They also have pani-puri misal!!

We visited the Goregaon west branch, which is a small colorful place. The menu was interesting yet we found the misal could’ve been spicier. We have made a video where you can see what we tried and some other dishes offered there too.

Watch our reel here.

6. Perfect fancy dinner restaurant in Mumbai

The Earthplate Restaurant in Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai is an experience you need to have at least once.

Known as one of the largest all-day dining restaurants in the city and offers wide array of cuisine. It has gained immense popularity for sumptuous Sunday brunches and lavish spread of breakfast, with eclectic global cuisine in elegant surroundings. 

Checkout our video to get a whole look and feel of this amazing place. We are definitely revisiting this.

That’s all for this post, we have a part two coming up soon, as we have added more restaurants in our favorites list. We definitely want you all to know about these amazing places and experience them.

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